Pirates off Oman

– well away from my swimming beach but getting closer

It looks as if its not only cruise ships that are coming into Oman from a long way away. Yesterday Pirates are off Oman about 150kms from Sur & Masirah Island – the last such indecent was over a year ago – better not swim a long way from the shore

Tom Jones in Oman

what a great gig

Tom Jones will play in Oman says HiFM .

Tom Jones to come to Oman
Tom Jones to come to Oman

Well done – and it looks like somebody worked hard to get it – as he arriving in a month and its not on his own web site. Be interesting to see if he breaks the magic 30 Rial barrier .

Al-Jalali Fort Muscat

Al-Jalali Fort which is one of the two principal forts in Muscat sits opposite its partner Mirani Fort with the picturesque harbour of Muscat between them.

Al Jalali Fort dusk
Al Jalali Fort dusk

Probably the existing fort was Continue reading “Al-Jalali Fort Muscat”

Camel Racing in Oman

from a BBC program

Late 2009 we organized a Camel week in Oman for a TV program – culminating in their participating in a Couple of Camel Races .

Well – here is part of the resulting TV program – the really chaotic pursuit of the racing Camels by their trainers in cars.

You can also read about a visit we made to camel races in Oman a few years ago

Brilliance of the Seas

to be joined in Muscat by Seabourn Legend in a couple of years

Brilliance of the Seas in Muscat
Brilliance of the Seas in Muscat

Joining the Costa and Aida ships, Brilliance of the Seas is now a regular arrival for us in Muscat bringing people for a visit into Oman

As its a new destination for her it will take time for the cruise excursions to be tailored to her passengers needs but I am confident that Muscat will be one of her more popular port calls in the Gulf cruises.

Dust over Arabia

shown on a NASA image

We have been having over a week of dusty skies covering Oman. Unusually it really does cover the entire country as I found on my drive to Salalah last week. And here is the reason –

Dust over Arabia
Dust over Arabia

an enormous dust cloud moving down from Iraq and spreading out over the Arabian Sea. Of course its not one of my photos so  – a nice thank you to NASA for the image

Marriott Hotel Salalah

looks as if it will be a nice hotel for Oman

Having just opened, it was nice to be able to visit the new Marriott Resort near Mirbat Oman. Set on a very interesting beach with some areas of white sand and others of rock it will be a good hotel to relax in, especially as its isolated at almost 80kms from Salalah.

Marriott Mirbat Salalah
Marriott Mirbat Salalah

On the drive back I made a visit into Shuwaymiyah, whose pale cliffs drop into the Arabian Sea , as I was staying in a small village nearby.