Omans shimmering mountains

are searched for a falaj

Somewhere underground is water – but in a parched landscape with a shimmering heat haze – where?

Falaj shafts and Mountains
Falaj shafts and Mountains

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Walk in an Omani Wadi

during a stopover in Muscat

A few days stopover during long distance flight via Oman is a great way to make the journey more comfortable – and see a new country (if you haven’t come before) .

Walking in an Omani Wadi
Walking in an Omani Wadi


Over a couple of days Oman tour we journeyed up to Oman’s mountain heights where in cooler air we took a nice wadi walk.

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Oman’s Mud Brick Forts

needing ongoing attention

With so much rain cascading into Oman recently its a reminder why concrete is such a great building material ; and even with that so many houses have been damaged by floods.

Bahla fort
Bahla fort being restored

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Oman’s Wadi Dayqah Dam at Quriyat

in full flow after Cyclone Phet

One of the more impressive new projects in Muscat is the Dam at Wadi Dayqah near Quriyat.

Wadi Dayqah dam
Wadi Dayqah dam

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Cyclone Phet in Oman

but it looks as if its not as serious as Guno was

Cyclone Phet photo by NASA
Cyclone Phet photo by NASA

Cyclone Phet (it looks so large ) has cruised over north-eastern Oman creating floods in low lying areas and Continue reading “Cyclone Phet in Oman”