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Destinations Show 2017

Chilly weather and disruptions on some tube services didnt seem to have made a dent in the attendance for the Destinations Show,

Destinations Show
Destinations Show

the Business to Consumer holiday exhibition,  in Continue reading “Destinations Show 2017”

Al Bustan Palace to have room closures during 2017

Oman’s Al Bustan Palace, though remaining open throughout 2017 will have restricted room bookings for 7 months. There will be limited number of rooms available from 1st March – 30th November 2017 and no room bookings at all between 1st May 30th September 2017.

Al Bustan Palace Announcement
Al Bustan Palace Announcement

This Oman government owned hotel last Continue reading “Al Bustan Palace to have room closures during 2017”

2017 Tour of Oman

Details of the 2017 Tour of Oman have been announced. The race from 14th-19th February will have 6 stages and 18 teams are expected to take part incl from USA, Bahrain & UAE; but not from UK (perhaps the lack of a race in Doha has impacted here) or surprisingly Oman.

While each stage has its appeal – the two stand outs are

Tour of Oman - Birkat Al Mawz
Tour of Oman – Birkat Al Mawz

Stage 5 that climbs Continue reading “2017 Tour of Oman”

Salam Air Oman launches Flights

Oman’s new airline Salam Air has launched. Its flights between Muscat & Salalah 2 times a day are operational with an A320, while planned flights between Muscat and Dubai are to come from mid February.

Salam Air Salalah
Salam Air Salalah

Future routes are planned into East Africa, where there is also a carrier with the same Arabic spelling طيران السلام ; presumably this will be resolved if Oman’s Salam Air does launch flights to Zanzibar.

Salam Air has tickets Continue reading “Salam Air Oman launches Flights”

Salut Archaeological Site Oman

Not far from Nizwa is the archaeological site of Salut. Spread over what must be 3sqkms that comprises a couple of low hills and dusty flood plain on the edge of Wadi Quriyat , it’s probably one of Oman’s future UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Salut Fort Oman
Salut Fort Oman

The inclusion of the site by UNESCO will have little to do with the charming story Continue reading “Salut Archaeological Site Oman”

Omani dishdasha – the Five Approved Designs

Buying a souvenir of Oman can be problematic, with a key question ‘is it authentic’? However one area has been dealt with today. Oman’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry have today issued details to support a Ministerial Decision issued last year.

Omani Dishdasha
Omani Dishdasha

You can Continue reading “Omani dishdasha – the Five Approved Designs”

Carpet Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Any organisation which had supplied work for the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque would wish sign the work. The company which created the mosque’s principal carpet managed to do just that and wove into the carpet their details.

Carpet - Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
Carpet – Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

The high density of thread, over 250 knots per sq inch and extraordinary craftswomanship Continue reading “Carpet Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque”

Oman’s media and Reuters publish contradictory reports.

The Oman government has refuted that it is holding negotiations (in Arabic) with other GCC states regarding a deposit of Billions of Dollars into the Oman Central Bank by them.

Oman Currency
Oman Currency

This comes after Oman Continue reading “Oman’s media and Reuters publish contradictory reports.”

Oman is a must visit destination according to Vogue and the Daily Mirror

In what may be one of the more unexpected media pairings, Vogue (USA) and the Daily Mirror (UK) are recommending Oman as a must visit destination in 2017. Upmarket and Massmarket both Continue reading “Oman is a must visit destination according to Vogue and the Daily Mirror”

Oman Budget 2017

The Oman government has published the Budget for 2017. Not unexpectedly, given the country’s reliance on oil, it shows a substantial deficit which is anticipated to be 28% of Government Revenue. The deficit during the remaining years of the government’s 5-year plan to 2020 is again projected to remain between 25-30% each year. The government is anticipating a rise in its expenditure from a projected Omani Rials (OMR) 11,165Billion in 2017 to (OMR) 14,100 in 2020.

Oman Budget 2017
Oman Budget 2017

This will partially be supported by a Continue reading “Oman Budget 2017”

12 Days of Christmas in Oman Day Twelve

Day Twelve in Oman coincides with New Years Day. What better start to the New Year than to see the sun-rise on the year’s first day and what better place than at Ras Al Jinz Arabia’s most easterly place.

SunRise Ras Al Jinz Oman
SunRise Ras Al Jinz Oman

The promontory Continue reading “12 Days of Christmas in Oman Day Twelve”

Car Drops off an Australian Ferry

The original ferries to Masirah Island in Oman are Landing Craft Tank (LCT) type roll-on roll-off ferries. Their shallow flat base makes them ideal to navigate the sand bars between the Oman mainland and Masirah Island. In Australia the crossing to Fraser Island is a similar distance, around 20kms,  and sea condition. Fortunately on the many crossings Ive made to Masirah Island Ive never seen a vehicle drop off – like this one to Fraser Island Australia Continue reading “Car Drops off an Australian Ferry”