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Between 1986-2016 I lived in Arabia – working in Oman, Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E.

For much of that time I was self-employed, operating my own retail business which then evolved into a ‘portfolio’ of businesses, from operating a Disney retail franchise through running an inbound tour operator to contracting for small construction projects with the U.S.A.F. Associated with the tour business I authored magazine articles for international publications, a coffee-table book financed by Oman's Ministry of Tourism and in-house booklets for the Ministry of Tourism.

Both leading tours and alone I have explored Arabia, especially  Oman, and hope you will enjoy the distillation of this knowledge in my books.


Tony Walsh in Oman's Empty Quarter Desert
Tony Walsh in Oman's Empty Quarter Desert

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Face to face with Uromastyx thomasi, the exterior of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and a Georgian marriage - amongst many photos by Tony Walsh