Descending over Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque into Muscat

and an early arrival home

The 22.35 Oman Air flight turns out to be the last flight scheduled from Heathrow each day.

Since, at night, there is no view – I had lots of time to read the inflight magazine. For the national airline I was disappointed that the In-Flight magazine was riddled with errors about Oman.

Oman Air Bandar Khiran
Oman Air Bandar Khiran

The error standouts were Continue reading “Descending over Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque into Muscat”

BBC looks at the Frankincense Trail as seen by Kate Humble

a modern journey along the route

As the Monsoon Season draws to a close in Salalah it will soon be time to start the Frankincense Harvest.

Tent and Camels waiting for Kate Humble
Tent and Camels waiting for Kate Humble

A crew for the BBC filmed in Oman a piece about the Frankincense Trail in June last year. From Oman they went to The Hadramout and beyond, mixing fable, modernity and a bit of history as seen through Kate Humble’s eyes.

'Albert' and friends waiting for Kate
‘Albert’ and friends waiting for Kate

Apart from the fact that Frankincense is a living legend – the thing I really like about the tree is the culture that surrounds it.

Grains of Frankincense gum
Grains of Frankincense gum

The smoke from the small pebble size pieces is used in Oman as a welcome to guests and the fragrance will scent clothes for a long time .

Travel with a new plug to Oman

see this and be inspired to invent

Here, in Oman, we run on British voltage and 3 pin plug sockets (which with the Earth and Fuse protects you and your equipment from damage) –

but lots of equipment comes with a 2 pin plug fitted as standard.

We also, amazingly, run on screw in light bulbs and British pin type light bulbs (which like their plug’s are also safety oriented as they are either, all in or all out – with the screw type it has an infinite amount of ‘just might be’ ) .

The problem with a British style plug is …. its so bulky and the pins stick out at 90degrees from the body so, along with the bulk, they can dig into and damage so much – including your laptop.

What to do when you have a LapTop, Phone etc that need charging when you take a tour of Oman with us ? ? Continue reading “Travel with a new plug to Oman”

Ras al Khaimah will hold 33rd America’s Cup

a great event for Ras al Khaimah

The neighbouring Emirate to Oman, Ras al Khaimah, will hold the 33rd America’s Cup as landlocked Switzerland has nominated the Emirate for 2010 . Congratulations Ras al Khaimah.

Sitting next to Musandam the event might well come into Omani spectacular waters

With 11 wins in 20 starts by Masirah, Oman’s racing boat, Oman really should try and put an AC33 yacht and team in for the America’s Cup 2010

Sultan Qaboos visit to Iran

A very opportune time to visit Iran

Iran is an important neighbour of Oman and the President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be taking the oath for a new second four-year term.  Continue reading “Sultan Qaboos visit to Iran”