Cruising into Muscat

the Dawn Princess arrives in Oman

Setting off from Australia , the Dawn Princess arrived in Muscat today, during its World Cruise .

Dawn Princess in Muscat’s Port
Dawn Princess in Muscat’s Port

Its possibly the first World Cruise to start in Australia so, naturally, the majority of the passengers came from Australia and New Zealand. Muscat was cooler than it has been which was good for the people taking shore excursions.

Wilfred Thesiger and Oman’s Desert

Crossing paths through Oman

I arrived at Aiyun around Sunset. The mountains were cracking as they cooled down after the day’s intense heat and, in answer, birds called .

Wilfred Thesiger stayed here
Wilfred Thesiger stayed here

Wilfred Thesiger first arrived here in the Autumn of 1946, Continue reading “Wilfred Thesiger and Oman’s Desert”

Oman Air’s new Jets start arriving

the first of perhaps more than 10 new jets arrive into Muscat

Oman Air has taken delivery of the first of its new A330-200 Airbus jets. These are configured for 216 passengers, including 20 business class seats and 196 economy class seats.

Oman Air over Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
Oman Air over Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

That should allow more comfort to visitors flying from London Heathrow, Paris, Munich & Frankfurt into Muscat.

The airline is expecting 7 planes with an option of 6 more.

Oman Ministry of Tourism

a morning session in Muscat

Oman’s Ministry of Tourism invited Tour operators in Oman for an overview of the promotions that Oman’s Tourism Representative Offices have been doing over the past 12 months in countries from Australia to Britain .

Alison Cryer of the London Oman Tourist Office
Alison Cryer of the London Oman Tourist Office


There was considerable variation in their marketing approach – from extensive use of printed media – through to social functions. This variation continued in their style of presentation – with some emphasizing facts – others attitudes.

Buying an Omani Mussar Turban

a key part of Eid shopping

Ramadhan is a time of fasting of course. But in modern Oman it’s also a period of Omani Men’s Turban purchasing. Men’s Turbans’ are a key buy during Ramadhan as it will be worn during the Eid Prayer and general Celebrations immediately after Ramadhan. Usually, the Turban choice is planned to go with the new Dishdasha (traditional gown) which is almost certainly Tailor-Made for every adult male. Sandals are also considered around the same time.

Buying Omani Men's Turban
Buying Turban

I must say that, accompanying a friend, I felt the shopkeeper needed the ‘patience of Job’ our neighbour buried in Salalah . Colour, Pattern, Quality and, of course price, are key elements in making a decision and with hundreds of Turbans to choose from, in each shop, it’s a task that is not for the faint hearted.

Omani Men's Turban Buying a Omani Mussar Turban
Buying a Omani Mussar Turban

The colour is often matched with the stitching colour in the Dishdasha. For Eid the Dishdasha is typically white, and if tailored in Oman will be one of 5 government approved styles. Individual touches are the stitched embroidery around the neckline – and the stitching here can be a colour. This colour is often specifically matched to the colour of the Turban.

There are many specialist shops in every town for the men’s Turbans. Each shop will stock hundreds of examples, in every shade of the rainbow, in a remarkable range of qualities. And then this dazzling choice needs to be sifted through – to match a client’s preference.


Rembrandt Exhibition in Muscat

a bit disappointing – though good to have in Muscat

The Rembrandt Exhibition of etchings in Muscat is about half way through its life. Walking through a replica of his rebuilt home in Amsterdam the prints are displayed around the Ballroom wall of the Grand Hyatt .While the entrance adds a touch of drama to a visit – the Ballroom is so large, and the prints so small; that they loose the intimacy that they probably deserve.

Rembrandt Exhibition
Rembrandt Exhibition

Openings and Closings in Muscat

almost like loosing a friend


The National Museum’s work is now under way in Muscat. Jasper Jacob, the designer, has been working on this for many years and has been a great companion with me on journeys through Oman so he can get inspiration for the building.

the new National Museum
the new National Museum

The overall design is Continue reading “Openings and Closings in Muscat”