Football in Oman

a win for National day

Al Taawn Football Team, which we sponsor,  had a good win in the local league competition to celebrate Oman’s 39th National Day . They won the first round 4:1 and went through to the final against Hai Aldhahir .

Football Winners
Football Al Taawn Football Team are Winners


In a very competitive game the single goal was scored by Yahya AlBusafi of Al Taawn . So it’s probably the only time Arabesque will overcome the might of Toyota – as we sponsor the winning team and they the losers.

Nizwa Market in Oman

bustling in the build up to Eid

Nizwa Souq in Oman before Eid
Nizwa Souq in Oman before Eid

Starting off in Al Sawadi we made a stop in Nizwa to enjoy the Friday market . Though our guests have visited Oman with us every year for the last six years the market is still a must see . This years was especially busy as it was in the build up to Eid.

Walking along the Coast of Dhofar
Walking along the Coast of Dhofar

Then on through the Wahiba Sands and down the coast to arrive in Salalah several days later . The summer Monsoon’s green had largely disappeared – but a very enjoyable walk along the coast still took us through areas of vegetation – while in the water Turtles and Sharks swam in surprisingly close proximity .

Frankincense in Oman for Christmas

in the Historical Association of Oman’s 2010 Calender

The Historical Association of Oman publishes a Calender each year .  Most images are usually of northern Oman, as thats where the Association is based . This year as a bit of balancing I was happy that a couple of my pictures of the Salalah area could be used.

Incising the Frankincense Tree for the Gum
Incising the Frankincense Tree for the Gum

Here is one,  a Frankincense Tree, appropriately the month is December, being cut for its Gum, by a friend of mine.