Oman’s Royal Opera House

and two Queens of the Sea in Muscat

With 24 hour work the impressive Royal Opera House in Muscat is beginning to show how it will look.

Royal Opera House Muscat Oman
Royal Opera House Muscat Oman

In the ‘in vogue’ monumental style with beige coloured stonework – it will be in keeping with the latest government buildings throughout Muscat. Sultan Qaboos likes western classic music and I suspect Russian in particular. The opening is going to be a spectacular occasion – hopefully including the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra.

Queen Mary 2 in Muscat
Queen Mary 2 in Muscat

Gliding in and out of Mina Sultan Qaboos to allow passengers to go on Muscat Shore Excursions – the Queen Continue reading “Oman’s Royal Opera House”

Oasis of Oman

was the focus of a book, launched today

The launch of the book ‘Oases of Oman’ was held today.

Professor Andreas Buerkert talks about Oman's Oasis
Professor Andreas Buerkert talks about Oman’s Oasis

Professors Andreas Buerkert & Eva Schlecht gave a very interesting supporting presentation which focused on the historical nature of them and the various pressures they are under today.

Oman’s Royal Horse Racing Festival

is held in the warm sun

With the threat of rain over it was good to to take up an invitation to attend the Annual Royal Horse Racing Festival at the Royal Stables in Oman.

Royal Horse Race Program
Royal Horse Race Program

The afternoon made a nice conclusion to the last 3 weeks of rain. Sultan Qaboos attended with guests including Sheikh Mohammed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi. From the Sultan’s stables several Akhal-Teke Horse – which are a very elegant breed – were shown. So, it was disappointing not to have been able to bring cameras into the grounds especially as a friends horse won the 5th race.