Hoota Cave in Oman

a cool place on a hot day

Deep below the mountains of Oman , Hoota Cave is an amazing piece of Omans geology.

The 'Lion King' of Hoota Cave Oman
The ‘Lion King’ of Hoota Cave Oman

We took guests on a holiday in Oman into a world full of beautiful formations that can excite the imagination with design and form  – and a lot cooler than the shimmering landscape below.

Visiting an Omani Wadi

on the way to watch Omans Turtles

On the way to watch the Green Turtles in Oman we took a ferry to get into a wonderful wadi. Despite the heat the wadi was full of birdsong and greenery.

Boat Trip Oman
Boat Trip Oman

After a very good evening watching the turtles, we were thrilled the next morning to be able to see the last one return to the sea, making a nice memory of this tour in Oman .

Green Turtle returns to sea at Dawn
Green Turtle returns to sea at Dawn


Oman’s Three Seas

a journey

Making the most of Oman’s coast Ernest Meili took a journey down the 1700kms or so of Oman’s coastline. He talked about his experience, in one of the best talks held by the ESO.

1700 kilometers by Kayak
1700 kilometers by Kayak

I really look forward to doing the same journey with Nobel Caledonia on their Oman Cruise and hope my talks will be as interesting.