World Tourism Day in Oman

with a focus on BioDoversity

The theme for Word Tourism Day this year is Tourism and BioDiversity.

So what better proponents of the theme in Oman than Hadi Al Hikmani, who is doing his part in securing a future for Oman’s Arabian Leopard and its environment in Jebel Samhan in southern Oman

Hadi Al Hikmani in Dhofar
Hadi Al Hikmani in Dhofar

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Omans Royal Opera House

winter 2010 programme

Oman’s Royal Opera House is expected to open during the winter 2011.

Muscat Royal Opera House Programme 2010
Muscat Royal Opera House Programme 2010

Whetting our appetite for the type of events they will hold is an eclectic programme for Oman’s Royal Opera House for the season through to December 2010 . They will be held in other theatres in Muscat until it opens.

World Heritage Sites in Oman

month by month in 2011

Oman has a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites which we often take clients during their Oman Holidays .

We chose this image of one of the tombs at the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bat to use as the September page in a 2011 years calendar.

UNESCO 2011 Oman
UNESCO 2011 calendar Oman

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Arabic is difficult to learn, says report

people who can read it must therefore be smart – congratulations to all Arabs

In a report, researchers have said that learning Arabic is difficult .

“When someone learns to read Arabic they have to work out which letters are which, and which ones go with which sounds.”

They didn’t say if this differs to other languages.

“It is the ability to tell letters apart that Continue reading “Arabic is difficult to learn, says report”