Artist David Willis Exhibition in Muscat

at Bait al Baranda

I enjoyed the opening of a brief exhibition of paintings by the artist David Willis at Muscat’s Bait al Baranda.

David Willis at the Exhibition
David Willis at the Exhibition

Many of the paintings Continue reading “Artist David Willis Exhibition in Muscat”

Jewel of Muscat Exhibition

in Oman

Though the Belitung Wreck has its own museum in Singapore the Omani ship the “Jewel of Muscat” is at the core of the displays.

The Belitung Wreck (sank in the mid 9th century AD) was a treasure ship literally full of Chinese products Continue reading “Jewel of Muscat Exhibition”

Oman Census 2010

Every 10 years Oman undertakes a full population Census. Remote settlements in the desert or tucked away up a mountain are somehow included. Already the process for the 2010 census is underway. The last one (in 2003) included enumeration by hand-held computers, along with old-fashioned spray-painting to number individual inhabitations. The government is bringing forward the next one so that all GCC states undertake theirs at the same time (it will be a first for some). What does the future hold – hand held GPS readers to map locations accurately. With the natural increase in the Omani national population and soaring numbers of foreign workers – Oman should easily top the 3million population figure in 2010.

Muscat Festival 2011

dates have been announced

The Muscat Festival is one of my favorite regular events in Oman. Its close to home, has variety and at the right time of the year.

Muscat Festival
Muscat Festival

Last year it was cancelled, I think because of the swine flu, so it will be nice to have it back as the dates have been announced as Continue reading “Muscat Festival 2011”

Fireworks for Oman’s National Day Holiday

are the World Fireworks Championship

We always have wonderful fireworks for National Day holidays in Oman. While they used to be the Corniche, over the last few years they have shifted, like the population, along the coast and are now held in Qurm.

Here is the first day of the event Continue reading “Fireworks for Oman’s National Day Holiday”

Oman Tattoo 2010

for Sultan Qaboos

It was nice to watch the Oman Tattoo which is one of several large scale events for the 40th National Day in Oman.

Apart from the superb mass marching there was a night time parachute drop – and some of the parachutists managed to land on the bright spot.

Parachute descents for the Oman Tattoo
Parachute descents for the Oman Tattoo

Perhaps as a foretaste Continue reading “Oman Tattoo 2010”