Oman Remittances detailed by the World Bank courtesy The Guardian

This is an infographic from The Guardian newspaper. It shows the supposed number of foreign workers in Oman (the migrants to Oman are low), Omanis overseas (who from their location could be students) and the money flows in and out – large sums of money flowing out of Oman’s relatively small economy.

Oman Remittances
Oman Remittances

Omani Wedding near Muscat

I enjoyed attending an Omani Wedding near Muscat. Dressed in traditional Omani dress with the addition of a formal Khunjar (dagger) &

Three Omani Bridegrooms at Omani Wedding near Muscat
Three Omani Bridegrooms

Saif (sword) three Omani Bridegrooms looked Continue reading “Omani Wedding near Muscat”