Tour in Oman over Christmas

We took a small group from Steppes Travel on a tour in Oman over Christmas over Christmas.

Al Hamra Oman Tour in Oman over Christmas
Al Hamra Oman

Since I started operating this for The Traveller (British Museum Tours)  who Steppes purchased Continue reading “Tour in Oman over Christmas”

Frankincense in Dhofar

Frankincense is such an evocative word for many religious people, but few have a chance to visit the real Frankincense in Dhofar. Its associated with religious ceremonies worldwide and of course with the gifts brought by the 3 Kings, or Continue reading “Frankincense in Dhofar”

Salalah Sunshine

Having been together in the heart of all the storms before the National Day holidays it was great to fly down for some  Salalah Sunshine with a couple of tourists so they could ‘dry themselves out’!

Salalah Roads
Salalah Roads

We came across Continue reading “Salalah Sunshine”