Election Day in Ye Olde Merry England

The EU referendum voting takes place on June 23rd, what was thought by many be be a sure remain vote has gradually slid towards a leave vote. Some politicians’ and bureaucrats will have a nervous Thursday

Deep in the heart of England,

Saddleworth Morris Dancer
Saddleworth Morris Dancer

so far away from the nexus of power that no politician has ever ventured there, the in or out that is the European Union vote by the increasingly disunited kingdom Continue reading “Election Day in Ye Olde Merry England”

Oman Guide Book for Bradt rewrite!

Warm sunny days and a hot keyboard! My Oman Guide Book for Bradt rewrite is very intense; it’s not the information so much as writing it in a way that is unambiguous.

Rewrite of the Bradt Guide to Oman
Bradt Guide to Oman under Edit

One of the things Ive had to do is use Microsoft’s Word ‘review’ button. Continue reading “Oman Guide Book for Bradt rewrite!”