The Bradt Guide to Oman – Maps

Bradt Guide to Oman – Maps are a critical part of the this Oman Travel Guide. There are several for each chapter in the guide and all are new for this edition ranging from a country map, though the regional maps, down to a map or insert that might cover part of a town.

Salalah Map under work for The Bradt Guide to Oman - Maps
Salalah Map under work

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Oman Language

Oman Language is a complicated subject as the country although officially an Arabic language state does have several other native languages. Complicating things, even more, is the importance of non-native languages.

Arabic is Oman’s official language and is taught in government schools. It is a Semitic language and does have similarity to other Semitic languages such as Hebrew.

Oman Languages
Oman Languages

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