Sinaw Hoard of Silver Coins

In September, 1979 just west of the date oasis in Sinaw a glazed clay jar was dug up at a building site. The pot, with its green glaze, was a common variety of what is called ‘Sasanian-Islamic’, found in eastern Arabia and Persia during the period covering the end of the Sasanian period and its eclipse by Islam.

Al Sawafia old village - Sinaw - Oman
Al Sawafia old village – Sinaw – Oman

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Jews in Sohar Oman

Records of the Jews in Sohar Oman stretch back to as early as AD 950 when Buzurq ibn Shahriyar wrote about the Jewish merchant Ishaq bin Yahuda in his book “Book of the Wonders of India.” According to this text, Ishaq bin Yahuda traded between Sohar and China some 50 years earlier, where on a visit to Sohar he apparently had goods valued in excess of 3 million Dinars.

Bertram Thomas describes Jews living west of Sohar during the initial period of Islam, one of whom met Amr bin Al As, the Prophet’s representative to Oman.

Monument Jewish Cemetery Sohar Oman
Monument Jewish Cemetery Sohar Oman

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