Omani Silver in the British Museum in the Albukhary Foundation’s rooms

On the Upper floor of the British Museum, Rooms 42–43 house the Albukhary Foundation’s rooms. This cultural institution, founded by Syed Mokhtar Albukhary, is based in Kuala Lumpur and claims to be the largest in Asia dedicated to the arts, culture and heritage of the Islamic world. These galleries in the British Museum offer a … Continue readingOmani Silver in the British Museum in the Albukhary Foundation’s rooms

Cruising Museums in London

I enjoyed a visit to Tate Britain during ‘The Lure of the East’ painting exhibition. The canvases, by British artists, included one of Sir Robert Shirley, an envoy between the Persian and British courts, looking quite splendid in Persian style garments; their colour and decoration being Safavid are in the same style as the carpet … Continue reading “Cruising Museums in London”

Tim Mackintosh-Smith talks ‘Arabs’

The British-Yemeni Society, The International Association for the Study of Arabia and the MBI Al Jaber Foundation were hosting Tim Mackintosh-Smith in conversation with Ian Black on the book ‘Arabs’ by Tim. With a break in the gales over Britian and the overcast weather breaking into a bright, sunny day, I took the opportunity to … Continue reading “Tim Mackintosh-Smith talks ‘Arabs’”

Talk by Stuart Laing on Tippu Tip

I had planned to go to listen to a talk about Tippu Tip by Stuart Laing at SOAS London. It turned out to be a full day for me of, amongst other things, an East African experience. Passing through the British Museum on my way to a talk at SOAS; Zanzibari artefacts seemed to call … Continue reading “Talk by Stuart Laing on Tippu Tip”

Tour in Oman over Christmas

We took a small group from Steppes Travel on a tour in Oman over Christmas over Christmas. Since I started operating this for The Traveller (British Museum Tours)  who Steppes purchased

Oman Small Group Tour in warm winter sun

This Oman Small Group Tour for Christmas by British travel company ‘The Traveller/British Museum’ may turn out to be the last guided tour of Oman I organise under their name. The Traveller was purchased by Steppes Travel, and though I will have Christmas groups under Steppes own name – The Traveller has been a real … Continue readingOman Small Group Tour in warm winter sun

Omani Honey Hunt

Visiting the extremities of Oman is something I enjoy, for both Musandam and Dhofar have unique scenery and culture. In Dhofar we were expertly guided along the slopes of the massive escarpment of Jabal Samhan.  Following little used paths, we walked up the mountain slopes  under good cloud cover that created ideal walking weather.  Our … Continue reading “Omani Honey Hunt”