Tropical Cyclone Mekunu approaches Dhofar Oman

Cyclone Mekunu approaches Dhofar Oman and has formed to the south of the southern Oman coast of Dhofar. This Cyclone is relatively weak, with the ‘eye’ disintegrating and forward speed of less than 10kmph. However, the ocean surface temperature remains at over 31c and this will certainly provide an increase in the energy of the … Continue reading “Tropical Cyclone Mekunu approaches Dhofar Oman”

Oman’s famed plants in Dhofar

Within the slopes and valleys of the southern mountains of Oman are an extraordinary variety of flora. The plants in Dhofar inhabit an environment that can change from wet cloud soaked biome to bone-dry desert in the period of a few days or meters. Grass dominates the mountain upper plateau while the sea-facing slopes are have … Continue reading “Oman’s famed plants in Dhofar”

Frankincense in Dhofar

Frankincense is such an evocative word for many religious people, but few have a chance to visit the real Land of Frankincense in Dhofar. Its associated with religious ceremonies worldwide and of course with the gifts brought by the 3 Kings, or Wise Men, to Jesus. We flew down to Oman’s

Arabian Leopard in Dhofar

The advancing monsoon was descending on Salalah as I spent time there with Hadi Al Hikmani whose passion and work is researching Arabian Leopard in Dhofar. His family keep an extraordinary number of goats below the mountains and they are a potential prey of the Leopard. During a six-hour trek through the mountain’s of Dhofar, … Continue reading “Arabian Leopard in Dhofar”

The Last Word for IASA my unexpected contribution to the International Association for the Study of Arabia

I am absolutely delighted that the International Association for the Study of Arabia (IASA gave me the ‘last word’ in their 2022 Autumn Edition (number 29). The IASA is a charitable organisation that exists to advance public knowledge of the Arabian Peninsula, through the promotion of research relating to its cultural and natural heritage.

Tourism needs to focus on local initiatives to support local people

The world is experiencing transformative change with technology developments, demographic changes, changing consumer habits, environmental and climate change. So to build for the future a new emphasis is needed. Local initiatives to support local people These together with continued inequalities and the immense impacts of the COVID-19 have created a new approach, the