International Museum Day 2012 Oman Land of Frankincense Museum in Salalah

As the 18th May is International Museum Day I thought it would be nice to have a picture from Oman’s Land of Frankincense Museum in Salalah, probably my favourite Museum in Oman. If you are interested in learning more about Frankincense, Oman is the source of Boswellia Sacra and my book ‘The Land of Frankincense’ … Continue reading “International Museum Day 2012 Oman Land of Frankincense Museum in Salalah”

Oman & Jordan guided small group tour

It’s always a pleasure to travel leading a small group tour. Zegrahm Expeditions, acclaimed for their exceptional programs, have included a guided small group tour to Oman & Jordan in their new tour program, lead by me. The size of this Oman & Jordan escorted tour enables us to organise experiences that may not be available for … Continue reading “Oman & Jordan guided small group tour”

NEW UAE AND OMAN BORDER crossing changes at Al Ain

The Royal Oman Police, who are responsible for all aspects of immigration and emigration from Oman have announced new border facilities affecting UAE and Oman border crossing between Al Buraymi in Oman and Al Ain in the UAE from 18th May 2018. UAE and Oman border crossing changes “The Sa’ara border point

Shisr the location of Ubar Oman

Over 170kms by road north of Salalah is Shisr, an unremarkable settlement on the edge of the Empty Quarter Rub’ Al Khali in southern Oman. It, however, gained fame as the site of Ubar Oman – (the Oman Government prefers the term Wabar which appears to be the name used locally). The archaeological re-discovery achieved front pages