Shangri La in Oman repositions its hotels branding

Shangri La in Oman the Sultanate’s first resort, and possibly most successful hotel property, is on the verge of being ‘repositioned’ regarding its Branding. The Shangri La in Oman’s Barr Al Jissa Resort and Spa is probably the key hotel in Oman, and

RepresentationPlus visits Oman at Al Bustan Palace Hotel

Alison Cryer of RepresentationPlus visits Oman as the Ministry of Tourism organised a meeting of their overseas representatives and Oman based travel industry companies at Al Bustan Palace. RepresentationPlus gave

Oman & Jordan guided small group tour exploring these two ancient monarchies

It’s always a pleasure to travel leading a small group tour. Zegrahm Expeditions, acclaimed for their exceptional programs, have included a guided small group tour to Oman & Jordan in their new tour program, lead by me. The size of this Oman & Jordan escorted tour enables us to organise experiences that may not be available for … Continue readingOman & Jordan guided small group tour exploring these two ancient monarchies

Oman Taxi services – new regulations

Oman’s Ministry of Transport and Communications have said that all Taxis (including the original Orange and White unmetered ones) will soon have fares set by the appropriate government authority . The Ministry intends to study supply & demand and operational costs, throughout the Sultanate. Its reported vehicles should have a tracking system, presumably a GPS … Continue reading “Oman Taxi services – new regulations”

Oman in Bradt Guide’s 2018 ‘Exceptional Places’

Oman has been included in Bradt Guide’s 2018 ‘Exceptional Places’ and the Bradt Guide to Oman is now available worldwide. This annual listing is a recommendation of those countries, cities or regions that Bradt, the award-winning guidebook publisher, feels should be visited. This year’s exceptional places include

Oman’s working Women are a growing presence in the Forbes 100 list

Forbes magazine has released its annual list of most powerful women in the Arab world 2017. This year there are two lists, one for Business and one for Government. Topping the lists, as always, are Lubna S. Olayan and Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi of Saudi and UAE. However. there is a rapid rush to the … Continue reading “Oman’s working Women are a growing presence in the Forbes 100 list”

Omans Mina Sultan Qaboos Waterfront has new developer

Oman’s OMRAN, the Oman Government Tourism development company, and UAE-based company DAMAC have announced a development partnership to develop the Mina Sultan Qaboos Waterfront into a $1 billion major integrated tourism and lifestyle destination in Muscat. It will be part of the overall

Oman’s Top 5 to do June

June though its mid-summer is often not as searing as May, though that’s often because the rise in humidity also drops the temperature so Oman’s Top 5 to do June takes that into account. This year June is the month of Ramadhan when many hotels offer special meals after dusk. So here are the top 5 … Continue reading “Oman’s Top 5 to do June”

Oman Visa regulations are revised

Oman Visa regulations for tourists travelling to Oman have just been revised by the issuing authority, the Royal Oman Police (ROP), on both effective price and period. READ ANOTHER REVISION ANNOUNCED 24 JUNE 2018  TO SOME OF THE DETAILS DETAILED BELOW <<click on the link Previously a 10 day tourist visa was available, on demand at … Continue reading “Oman Visa regulations are revised”

Oman’s Top 5 things to do in May

May can often be Oman’s hottest month and temperatures over 40c are frequent. This means that Oman’s Top 5 things in May activities need to be selected to take the heat into account. Though spending time in one of Oman’s almost innumerable