OMAN VISA application process is updated changes by Oman's Royal Oman Police to the tourist visa application process in Oman

Visiting Oman? Read on… The issuing authority of visas for Oman, the Royal Oman Police have announced that the Oman Visa application process is updated – read what needs to be done to apply for an Oman visit visa, based on their announcement. Initial newspaper reports on Feb 18th about the Oman Visa application process changes, gave

Oman Visa regulations are revised

Oman Visa regulations for tourists travelling to Oman have just been revised by the issuing authority, the Royal Oman Police (ROP), on both effective price and period. READ ANOTHER REVISION ANNOUNCED 24 JUNE 2018  TO SOME OF THE DETAILS DETAILED BELOW <<click on the link Previously a 10 day tourist visa was available, on demand at … Continue reading “Oman Visa regulations are revised”

OMAN UAE BORDER CROSSING how to travel into Oman from Al Ain UAE

The Royal Oman Police, who are responsible for all aspects of immigration and emigration from Oman have announced new border facilities affecting UAE and Oman border crossing between Al Buraymi in Oman and Al Ain in the UAE from 18th May 2018. UAE and Oman border crossing changes “The Sa’ara border point