One of the most astounding events during the Cyclone Mekunu in Dhofar Oman has been the complete filling of the vast Tayq Cave sinkhole. Tayq Cave – sinkhole in its normal state This sinkhole is about 3million cubic meters and its now full. Tayq Cave is in an area of Karst Limestone, whose fractures provide the original ingress to … Continue readingTAYQ CAVE SINKHOLE in Dhofar Oman

10 Reasons to visit Muscat this Winter – 5-1

5              Perhaps an ideal winter treat if you visit visit Muscat this winter with children is to enjoy an experience with wildlife. Two remarkable encounters offer a thrilling experience, not only for children but for everyone.

Oman’s Top 5 things to do June

June though its mid-summer is often not as searing as May, that’s often because the rise in humidity also drops the temperature; so Oman’s Top 5 things to do June takes that into account. This year the start of June is part of the month of Ramadhan, and probably the 4-6 June will be Eid, … Continue reading “Oman’s Top 5 things to do June”

Sooty Falcon in Oman – Film

Oman is a destination for migratory birds during  Spring and Autumn, in addition to resident birds in Oman. Some pass through, others like White Storks and Steppe Eagles overwinter in Oman using it as a food larder and return to breeding grounds to the north. But there are some that come to Oman and breed, … Continue reading “Sooty Falcon in Oman – Film”