Yemen Floods

A week ago, there was a strong likelihood that a ‘tropical depression’ would create heavy rain in Salalah. Fortunately for Salalah, but tragically for Yemen , it veered away and the last few days was over southern Yemen. The video clip from Yemen shows a river pouring through “Al Ghar Al Amar” in the … Continue reading “Yemen Floods”

Sultan Qaboos died 10th of January 2020 – an Obituary of Sultan Qaboos

The very sad news that H.M. Sultan Qaboos died on 10th January 2020, has been announced. There will be an official period of three days mourning, and all flags in Oman will be flown at half mast for 40days. Born on 18th November 1940, Qaboos bin Said bin Taimur Al Said was the 14th Al … Continue reading “Sultan Qaboos died 10th of January 2020 – an Obituary of Sultan Qaboos”

St. Francis Xavier Church – Salalah Oman

Archbishop Francisco Montecillo Padilla – the Vatican’s Apostolic Nuncio (diplomat) to Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Qatar (strangely he doesn’t look after Oman) – and Dr. Ahmed Khamis Masood Al Bahri, director in Oman’s Ministry of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs of Oman inaugurated St. Francis Xavier Church in Salalah, Oman. The event … Continue reading “St. Francis Xavier Church – Salalah Oman”

CAREEM TAXI OMAN now operating in Muscat

Uber may not be in Oman, yet,  – but the Middle-East’s own Careem Taxi is. Careem had started in Muscat in May 2017 but stopped at the request of Oman’s government. As Careem must have obtained a licence, at that time, to operate it was presumably stopped as a result of private sector concerns. The … Continue readingCAREEM TAXI OMAN now operating in Muscat

BATTLE OF MIRBAT a key event in the Dhofar war

In the far south of Oman is the location of one of Britain’s Special Air Service’s (SAS) more publicly known battles ‘The Battle of Mirbat’. On 25th October 2018, Prince Harry unveiled a memorial in Nadi, western Fiji, to one of the key participants, the Fijian Sergeant Talaiasi Labalaba, of SAS. The Popular Front for … Continue readingBATTLE OF MIRBAT a key event in the Dhofar war

Privacy Policy & External Links

An overview of Privacy Policy (GDPR) and Links for this site. Thanks for looking at this website and for reading this. In short, there are in place automatic cookie programs, they are mostly used for information analysis (how many visitors there are). There are also automatic spam checkers and protection against programs trying to damage … Continue reading “Privacy Policy & External Links”