About Tony Walsh author Tony writes about Arabia and leads tours through the region

Books about Arabia by Tony Walsh
Books about Arabia by Tony Walsh

Tony Walsh, author about Oman and Arabia;
for over 30 years I worked in Arabia, living in Oman, Saudia Arabia  and the U.A.E.
My books include the government-financed coffee-table book on Oman's UNESCO sites, through to a guide to Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.

Tony Walsh Oman Desert
Tony Walsh in Desert

I lead small group tours, focusing on a varied general interest program, that includes the best of a country from its nature to archaeology.

Travelling widely through the region on land and sea, I have visited Syria south to Yemen (this visit I made to Yemen was the subject of my 1st blog post) and Egypt east to Iran.

Onboard cruise ships in the Arabian Sea region (from Salalah in Oman through to Bahrain), I give speaking services to add to the passengers understanding of the region.

Oman Ministry of Tourism Booklets – I was commissioned to produce – Images, Maps and Text in Arabic as well as English
Oman Ministry of Tourism Booklets - Images, Maps and Text by Tony – 28 English & Arabic booklets