About Tony Walsh author Tony writes about Arabia and leads tours through the region

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Tony Walsh, author about Oman and Arabia;
for over 30 years I worked in Arabia, living in Oman; Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E.

Tony Walsh Oman Desert
Tony Walsh in Desert

Travelling widely through the region on land and sea, I have visited Syria south to Yemen (this visit I made to Yemen was the subject of my 1st blog post) and Egypt east to Iran.

I lead small group tours, focusing on a varied general interest program, that includes the best of a country from its nature to archaeology. As I have travelled both alone and leading tour groups - I try and use these different perspectives in my books so that you have a rounded glimpse of a location whether you travel alone or with a group.

Oman Ministry of Tourism Booklets – I was commissioned to produce – Images, Maps and Text in Arabic as well as English
Oman Ministry of Tourism Booklets - Images, Maps and Text by Tony – 28 English & Arabic booklets

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