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Tony Walsh (thats me😀) lived in Arabia for over 30 years, working in Oman; Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E.

Tony Walsh
Tony Walsh

I have travelled widely through the region, from Syria south to Yemen and Egypt east to Iran. Some of my experience and knowledge is distilled into articles and books.

Oman Ministry of Tourism Booklets – I was commissioned to produce – Images, Maps and Text in Arabic as well as English
Ministry of Tourism Booklets – 28 English & Arabic booklets – Images, Maps and Text by Tony
Zegrahm Expeditions route Oman & Jordan with Tony

Since 1995 I have lead tours through Oman and beyond & lectured on cruise ships between Salalah and Bahrain from 2002.
Join me here with Zegrahm  in Jordan and Oman.

If you wish to read more ‘about me’ this is a longer, chronological version.