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Bradt Guide Oman Edition 5 - 2022
Bradt Guide Oman Edition 5 - 2022

For over 30 years, I worked in Arabia. Initially, I worked in retailing - including managing stores for the British franchised BHS department store group in Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, I ran my own import, wholesale & retail business in Oman.

After some years that business developed an inbound tourism operation in Oman. Shortly after closing my shops, tourism in the region was disrupted by the attacks of 11 September 2001. Serendipity then played its part and, fortunately, I found new sources of income. These included from the USAF, during their operations in Afghanistan and then Iraq. I successfully tendered for a number of construction projects, initially at Oman's Masirah's air-base and later also at Seeb North (Muscat).ย  My finances thankfully remained positive.

Tony Walsh in Oman's Empty Quarter Desert
Tony Walsh in Oman's Empty Quarter Desert

The relocation of the USAF out of Oman coincided with the return of tourism to Oman. Our cultural tour programs resumed, providing tours throughout Oman and occasionally into Bahrain, Qatar, UAE & Yemen.

Apart from intensive exploration of Oman, I have travelled widely through the region on land and sea. This includes Syria south to Yemen (this visit I made to Yemen was the subject of my 1st blog post) and Egypt east to Iran.ย 

Books authored by me about Oman, include a coffee-table book on Oman's UNESCO sites, kindly financed by Oman's Ministry of Tourism. Subsequently, I authored the ministry's own series of booklets on Oman's governorates.

The most recent book authored by me is the 2022 (5th edition) Oman guide for Bradt Guides. This is an update to my 4th edition of the Oman guide for Bradt. The 5th edition has been re-written, and includes new mapping.
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Oman Ministry of Tourism Booklets โ€“ I was commissioned to produce โ€“ Images, Maps and Text in Arabic as well as English
Oman Ministry of Tourism Booklets - Images, Maps and Text by Tony โ€“ 28 English & Arabic booklets