Al Angham Restaurant at Oman's Royal Opera House

for Dinner

I enjoyed a meal at the otherwise empty Al Angham Restaurant – which is part of the complex at Oman’s Royal Opera House. The restaraunt’s lives up to the grandeur of the Opera House.

Al Angham Restaurant Room
Al Angham Restaurant Room – from my table

There is an insistence on booking, which in Oman is surprising, and at Al Angham must reduce the number of impulse diners; impulse being the standard decision making in general when dining out in Oman.

I chose Salad with what I assumed would be Watercress but turned out to be a different, blander leaf.

Al Angham mains Lamb and Rice
Al Angham mains Lamb and Rice

For mains, I had a Lamb marinade in Omani spice, and Rice with seared onion. A sepia-toned meal arrived. The flavour was good, though I was surprised that several cubes of Lamb contained gristle.

Al Angham Frankincense Ice Cream
Al Angham Frankincense Ice Cream

For dessert I had Frankincense Ice Cream, which was a winner; with Blackberry, Cape Gooseberry and possibly a sprinkling of Cinnamon. The food delivery was excellent and the overall service good.
With such an opulent decor, and good staff the charge could not possibly be low, and it wasn’t. Al Angham Restaurant is for special occasions and it will add to the occasion. However it falls below the standard of food that I would have expected and relies on the opulent surroundings to dazzle rather than the food.

If you are visiting Muscat – Al Angham is just one of the Restaraunts included in my 2022 Oman Guide for Bradt Guides – available here.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman