3 thoughts on “Ali Al Habsi of Oman”

  1. So do you blog about just about anything that you come across in your day or your blog is themed? How is the weather in Oman?

    1. ah BluePearl
      thats a difficult one – lots of things get included but
      most of the entries are to do with my tour business
      and these range from our organizing television program filming
      to holiday in Oman .
      However Oman isn’t very well known so I also add things that might be interesting to other people (our clients mainly come from Europe) such as Queen Elizabeth visiting Oman (especially as the photo is so nice ) or the Tour of Oman bike race
      Most English language blogs from Oman have a different outlook – so this gives, literally, a tour through Oman –
      The weather – actually not so bad it was 45 last week and now is in the upper 30s

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