Arabic is difficult to learn, says report

people who can read it must therefore be smart – congratulations to all Arabs

In a report, researchers have said that learning Arabic is difficult .

“When someone learns to read Arabic they have to work out which letters are which, and which ones go with which sounds.”

They didn’t say if this differs to other languages.

“It is the ability to tell letters apart that seems to work differently in Arabic – because telling the characters apart involves looking at very small details such as the placement of dots.”

Though they did not explain if the dots were of any different size to, for example, the German (Swedish etc) ä, ö, ü, or other languages with diacritics. Or even if the swash on a Q compared to an O or an I set beside a l (yes that was an uppercase i and lower case L) made English especially difficult to read/learn.

Oman عـمان
Oman عـمان

I guess that the conclusion will be that from Morocco to Oman are a lot of smart Arabs

read it here
and read what languages are ‘academically’ considered the most difficult to learn – again Arabic comes out on top!


Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman

3 thoughts on “Arabic is difficult to learn, says report”

  1. The whole study is a just nonsense, I guess they must politically justify their funds some way or another… The one obvious problem is kids having to learn a new language, very different than what they speak and hear at home and street.
    As for the script, I have a really hard time with Hebrew (isn’t that what’s learning is about) not to mention that others (Chinese, Japanese for example) do just fine with extremely more complicated systems.

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