Audi RS 3 Launch in Oman

Staying at Anantara Al Baleed Salalah, (Scroll down for Video of car on road) Audi has just completed

Audi arrives at Anantara Al Baleed
Audi arrives at Anantara Al Baleed @AudiUKpress

a Press launch in Oman for their new Audi RS 3 salon

Audi on Road with Camel in Dhofar
Audi on Road with Camel in Dhofar @AudiNews

and Sportback.

Audi Sportback on Road
Audi Sportback on Road

For the top of the range in terms of power Audi makes a claim of 395bhp and a claimed 0-62mph(0-100kmph)  in 4.1 seconds with the 5 cylinder engine apparently powering the car to between 155mph (250kmph) and up to 174mph (280kmph) in some countries.

Audi in Dhofar
Audi in Dhofar

The seven-speed S tronic twin-clutch gearbox and quattro four-wheel drive system should give an engaging feel and ability to handle not just Oman’s road but the more demanding European ones as well. Audi are so used to Oman they have their own hot weather test track in the country though that is far less demanding as Germany’s own Nürburgring track.

Audi RS 3 Interior
Audi RS 3 Interior

Perhaps to demonstrate improved maneuverability Audi chose Salalah as the launch base as it’s surrounded by mountains with single track roads and other road users, including Camels. Expect the car from Summer in Europe and later in Oman.

With Top Gear about to have their TV program of Dubai to Oman its clearly overdrive for car advertising in the country.

And here is the Dutch version – including security checks (good to know – and my Bradt guide does not them in maps)

Author: Tony Walsh

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