BUS FROM DUBAI TO MUSCAT revised options from Mwasalat

The Mwasalat Bus from Dubai to Muscat now has a couple of extra pick-up points in Dubai, making travel even easier. Here are details of the Three locations you can get your Mwasalat Bus from in Dubai, with Map and timings.

The timings are from the main terminus at 07.30am, 15.30pm and 23:00pm with stops at

Abu Hail Metro Station (the new terminus for Mwasalat in Dubai)

Dubai Airport Terminal 2

and Rashidiya Metro Station

– the arrival at the second two obviously depends on traffic in Dubai city but is planned at 15minutes later at the airport and at Rashidiya Metro Station 30 minutes later (15 mins after the airport).

You will need to obtain an Oman visa – available online with the new cost detailed here. 

Also, remember you need to pay AEDirham 35/- exit charge from Dubai (keep the receipt for UAE passport control).

The fare is Rial Omani 5.500 for an adult (single).

Once in Oman there are official Mwasalat bus stops at Shinas, Sohar, Saham, Khabura, Suwaiq, Musanah, Barka, Maabela, Burj Al Sahwa, Muscat Airport and Azaiba bus station.

Often, if you ask, a driver may be able to stop the bus at other, safe, places along the fixed route, but its best to only plan on the fixed stops if you are being met by a friend.

The entire journey, by Bus from Dubai to Muscat including passing through the Dubai & Oman border posts will probably take 7 hours.

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Author: Tony Walsh

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