Oman and Yemen

close neighbours

The Saudi lead attacks on Yemen seem to have become more aggressive and widespread following the death of 50 Bahraini and UAE troops who are engaged in military action in Marib Yemen.  Inexplicably the damage includes the home of Oman’s Ambassador to Yemen.

Shibam Yemen
Shibam Yemen

Oman, which is not involved the attacks lead by the other five members of the GCC,   Continue reading “Oman and Yemen”

Yemen Floods

A week ago, there was a strong likelihood that a ‘tropical depression’ would create heavy rain in Salalah. Fortunately for Salalah, but tragically for Yemen , it veered away and the last few days was over southern Yemen. The video clip from Yemen shows a river pouring through “Al Ghar Al Amar” in the centre of Mukalla . The water catchment area in Mukalla is far smaller than that of Wadi Hadhramaut or even I suspect Wadi Du’an; there the flooding might be horrific. Wadi Hadhramaut and its tributaries have extraordinarily sheer cliffs, carved by previous floods, which funnel the water in its restricted course . The article I wrote about Yemen finished ….  ‘I was now left with one problem before I left, how to tackle the ascent out of the valley’ hopefully the inhabitants wont find they need an escape route

Travelling through southern Yemen to Seiyun in the Hadramawt.

The road from Thumrayt, Dhofar Oman,  into Al Mazyunah then leads into the northeast desert of the Hadramawt in Yemen. My destination there was Seiyun. I thought this town would be a great centre for visiting the Hadramawt.

The Centre of Sayoun in Yemen
The Centre of Sayoun in Yemen and the Katheri Palace

Some halfway on the journey Continue readingTravelling through southern Yemen to Seiyun in the Hadramawt.