Central Bank of Oman has new Executive President

Tahir Bin Salim Al-Amry who has been director on many of Oman’s leading companies

Tahir Bin Salim Al-Amry
Tahir Bin Salim Al-Amry

including Bank Sohar, Oman LNG, Oman Oil Refineries & Petroleum Industry and Oman India Fertiliser Co has been appointed as Executive President, Central Bank of Oman.

He was appointed by Royal Decree on September 5th and replaces Hamood Sangour Al Zadjali who was appointed in 1991. The Royal Decree also makes other changes to senior people within the bank’s structure and includes on the board the owner of one of Oman’s largest companies Shaikh Mohammed bin Saud Bahwan. The Central Bank of Oman’s governors also change; with the Royal Decree appointing Sultan bin Salim bin Said al-Habsi, who amongst other posts is Secretary-General Supreme Council for Planning, as deputy chairman of the board for a five-year term

Salim Al Amry oversaw Oman’s first sovereign Islamic bond of  $520 million in 2015. He graduated from Salford University in north-west England and attended The Sultan’s School in Muscat. Perhaps it was this Islamic bond experience that brought him into the position. Hamood Sangour Al Zadjali was a proponent of maintaining Oman’s current fixed rate to the USDollar. Oman may undergo substantial changes to its monetary policy, though with the impact of the last devaluation in 1985/6 any change to the fixed exchange rate will be made after considerable thought.


Author: Tony Walsh

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