Cruise Ship comes into Muscat

to take shore excursions in Oman

Avoiding the rain the Aida arrives into Mina Sultan Qaboos, Muscat.

Arriving into Mina Sultan Qaboos
Arriving into Mina Sultan Qaboos

This is probably the most colourful ship coming into Oman – and on a weekly basis does brighten up the harbour as the visitors spend part of their holidays in Oman.

Aida in Mina Sultan Qaboos
Aida in Mina Sultan Qaboos

Some cruise excursions during the type of heavy rain we have been having, needed to be cancelled, but better safe than sorry.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman – edition 4

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  1. Excursions cancelled by rain in the Persian Gulf! The passengers must have been suprised. Muscat does make a great destination though, and is becoming ever more popular as a cruise port of call.

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