Cyclone Ashobaa

stalled off Oman

Oman is on the edge of another Cyclone, Ashobaa. At 990 mbar Ashobaa is not as intense as Gonu (920 mbar) in 2007 or Phet (970 mbar) in 2010 >> scroll down for the video.

Cyclone Ashobaa off Oman
Cyclone Ashobaa off Oman

However its arrival almost a week later than either, suggesting the sea water is now remaining warmer for longer (Cyclones need sea water over about 28c to form – and the Monsoon usually chills it down by now).

Its course is uncertain as its stalled east of Sur, which may well have rain on Thursday and Friday; will it move into Oman or north towards Pakistan / Iran?

The image is from NASA’s Terra Modis, while the video which also shows the strength of a normal Monsoon wind rushing from East Africa past Oman and onto India, is made from one on

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman