David Insall has died on 9th August 2015

has died in Wales

David Insall who came to Oman in October 1970 and had lived in the country since then, has died in Wales on August 9.

David Insall in As Serain
David Insall in As Serain

Born in 1939 David was a professional soldier from a family of military professionals, his Father won the Victoria Cross which is Britain’s highest military medal, as a pilot with the Royal Flying Corp (now RAF) over north-west France. Graduating in 1958 from Sandhurst, Britain’s military academy which Sultan Qaboos also attended two years after, David arrived into Muscat in 1970 following Sultan Qaboos’s accession and has worked in Oman since then, initially in the Air Force with responsibility for recruitment and instruction.

David explored much of Oman’s northern mountain range as part of a field study of the Arabian Tahr which very much was ‘his’ animal. He also helped channel social support to the mountain villages and encouraged the development of infrastructure for them. David was instrumental in enabling the restoration of Jabreen Castle and also backed establishing the Nature Reserve around Wadi As Serain to help safeguard the Arabian Tahr.

In the following years David solidified Oman’s academic knowledge through the Journal of Oman Studies and his own academic papers; on Oman’s culture, natural history and archaeology (his Father was also instrumental in the discovery of ‘Woodhenge’ a major pre-historic site in England).
David will be greatly missed by those who knew him.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman

5 thoughts on “David Insall has died on 9th August 2015”

  1. This is sad news.we were friends in schooldays[Maidwell] and i stayed with him and his parents at Newstead.,and he with me in oxfordshire..always i meant to seek him out—he often in Oman,I often in Morocco.Two days ago wandering in the Berwyns i determined to fish for him..Im sad not to have seen him as he[and his mum,Olwen]opened my eyes.. to many things ,sparked understandings,and somehow he was much in my thoughts in that beautiful remote country in Clwyd.Even at the age of 12 he was an interesting and inspiring being.God rest his soul.RIP.christopher gibbs.

    1. Hello Christopher, thanks for your comment – yes David will be missed by many and Im certain his friends throughout his life valued his friendship; how fortunate you have been to have known him for so long. He made a significant contribution to Oman’s leap into the modern era and I always enjoyed his company and knowledge. Tony

  2. Ed and Baladas, – David was an extraordinarily modest and knowledgeable person who shared his wealth of experience readily. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Very sad to hear of the demise of David Insall. I knew him when I was a pilot on No 213 Canberra Sqn at RAF Bruggen in Germany between 1964 and 1967. David lived in the same Mess. He once gave me a ride in his Jaguar XK120 and, after a high speed drive to base, he complained that the car had handled oddly. An inspection revealed that all the nuts on one front wheel were loose! Ah happy days.
    He then went on to do tremendous things in Oman.
    My condolences to his family.

  4. Sad to hear demise of David Insall. Honoured to have known since 1982, A true companion & friend of Oman where he dedicated much of his post military life in conservation.

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