Expedition – Oman Desert Canyon by Steve Backshall

Steve Backshall is on another Expedition

‘Oman Desert Canyon’ is his destination with the aim “to go places where people have never been before” – but did they?

Majlis Al Jinn

His first place to visit was Majlis Al Jinn, the vast cave that will become a sinkhole, high in the mountains over the Sea of Oman.

Then it was up towards Oman’s Jabal Shams for an abseil down into Wadi A’Nakhr (the Grand Canyon). This was billed as a preparation for the more difficult task ahead, but an “oh my god I can feel the rope burning” gave a hint this might be the real test, and so it was.

Setting up the descent into Wadi A'Nakhr Grand Canyon Oman
Setting up the descent into Wadi A’Nakhr
A 400 metre free drop into Wadi A'Nakhr - Oman's Grand Canyon
A 400 metre free drop into Wadi A’Nakhr – Oman’s Grand Canyon

Then it was a trip into what was said to be a far more ‘dangerous’ and ‘unexplored canyon’, where after some scrambling down, and an abseil of 80 metres Steve got hold of something truly dangerous, one of Oman’s vipers Echis omanensis, to pump up the thrill metre.

Viper - Echis omanensis
Viper – Echis omanensis

You can plan your own expedition to both Wadi A’Nakhr (Grand Canyon) and Majlis Al Jinn with the Bradt Guide to Oman available through Amazon, other online retailers or your own favourite bookshop, worldwide. Though naturally for a safer visit than his.

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