What to do in February Oman Free to enjoy outdoor activities in Oman & a Night at the Opera

What to do in February Oman – some suggestions.

Muscat Festival
Muscat Festival

By far the most comprehensive is the Muscat Festival. This year it operates from Thursday 10 January 2019 and will end on Saturday 9th February 2019 from late afternoon at 2 main locations Naseem Part and Al Amrat Park. The festival is full of activities, however the traditional village in  Al Amrat Park is especially interesting for foreign visitors. Read more on page 39 & 125 of the Bradt Guide to Oman.

Tour of Oman Cycle Race
Tour of Oman Cycle Race

Almost immediately the festival ends the bike race the ‘Tour of Oman’ takes place from 16 February 2019 till thursday 21 February 2019. This is a ‘spoke and hub’ type even with the teams based in Muscat and having day races from there. The final day on the 21st is held on Mutrah Corniche mid-afternoon.

Apricot Flowers Oman
Apricot Flowers Oman Wakkan

Mid-month at various mountain locations you can see the Almond Trees flower, especially at Wakkan above. The timing is very much weather dependent so a warmer spring will advance the flowering. Higher altitudes will have a later flowering – which means you can probably find some over about a 2-3 week period. Page 158 of Bradt Guide to Oman takes you there.

At the weekend the Royal Opera Hour in Muscat has programs, with a variety of performances to fit all tastes. This year how about La Traviata, performed for the nights on 7/9/10 February.

Turandot Stage set-up Royal Opera House - Muscat
Turandot Stage set-up Royal Opera House – Muscat


Author: Tony Walsh

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