Fireworks for Oman’s National Day Holiday

are the World Fireworks Championship

We always have wonderful fireworks for National Day holidays in Oman. While they used to be the Corniche, over the last few years they have shifted, like the population, along the coast and are now held in Qurm.

Here is the first day of the event, the World Fireworks Championship , with fireworks by a Hong Kong company Vulcan – which were spectacular

Fireworks from Hong Kong for Omans National Day
Fireworks from Hong Kong for Omans National Day

Of course I hope that another competing company, Merlin Fireworks will win. They are from a tiny village in southern England, Kings Somborne.


6th December 2010 Vulcan

7th December 2010 Howard & Sons

10th December 2010 Merlin Fireworks

12th December 2010 Zambelli

15th December 2010 Panzera

17th December 2010 Lacroix-Ruggieri

Its interesting that the Australian company Howard & Sons did the fireworks for the Commonwealth Games – and according to this web site – the Indian Government have not paid them. I hope that does not affect their performance in Oman

Its fruitless trying to compete with all the pyrotechnics – but the buildings in Muscat are trying – here are some from the banking district.

Buildings for National Day in Oman
Buildings for National Day in Oman

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman