Oman’s Taxis are having a redesign according to Zawaia Advertising

in a rebrand by Zawaia

Oman’s Taxis are having a redesign. The launch of the proposal for a new design for taxis in Oman is here, according to Zawaia Advertising. Taxis are a constant source of interest in Oman as they are the main source of transport for a large proportion of the residents in Oman.

Taxi redesigned by Zawaia Oman
Taxi redesigned by Zawaia Oman

Tourists also rely on them for getting around Muscat. The new design uses the same Orange and White for the standard taxis and the Oman Air turquoise for the official airport taxis. If these fresh new designs do make it onto taxis it will mean that two transport redesigns have happened over the last few months, buses first and now taxis.

Author: Tony Walsh

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