The Last Word for IASA my unexpected contribution to the International Association for the Study of Arabia

I am absolutely delighted that the International Association for the Study of Arabia (IASA gave me the ‘last word’ in their 2022 Autumn Edition (number 29).

The Last Word - International Association for the Study of Arabia IASA Bulletin 2022
The Last Word – IASA Bulletin 2022

The IASA is a charitable organisation that exists to advance public knowledge of the Arabian Peninsula, through the promotion of research relating to its cultural and natural heritage.

On an annual basis, they also organise the ‘Seminar for Arabian Studies‘.

Dr Jeff Rose Seminar for Arabian Studies London
Dr Jeff Rose – Seminar for Arabian Studies – British Museum London

This year it was held in the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Topics covered in Berlin were the archaeology, art, culture, epigraphy, ethnography, geography, history, languages and literature associated with the Arabian Peninsula.

In 2023 the seminar will be held Friday 4th – Sunday 6th August, Aarhus, Denmark, at Aarhus University and Moesgaard Museum. I’m certain that the topics will be equally broad. At Aarhus, it is intended to hold an exhibition of memorabilia, photos and finds made by some of the pioneers of the early archaeological expeditions to Bahrain, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Not only does the IASA hold the seminar, they also support research, including currently Kenta Sayama , investigating Palaeo-environmental sites in Southeast Arabia (this includes Oman). Other studies supported over recent years, in Oman, has included the Wadi al Jizzi Archaeological Project Study Season 2019; – insights into South Arabian projectile (weapons that are launched) technology by Yamandu H. Hilbert, Ignacio Clemente-Conte, Najat al-Fudhaili (and more) and Alessandro Ghidoni‘s research into Ships’ Timbers from the Islamic Site of Al Baleed (Dhofar Oman): a case study of sewn-plank technology in the Indian Ocean.

Alessandro Ghidoni and Wooden Boat - Dhofar
Alessandro Ghidoni and Wooden Boat – Dhofar

The IASA look to have new members join to support their work  and, naturally, nationals of countries in the Arabian Peninsula are most welcome. As a charity, the IASA always welcomes donations, no matter how small or large.

My unexpected contribution to the IASA Bulletin came about as Sarah Campbell, the editor of the IASA’s ePublication ‘The Bulletin’, contacted me about my update in 2022 for the Oman guide by Bradt Guides. As I had some old photos of Oman, Sarah kindly asked if I could include them in a brief article about Oman and the guide.

The entire IASA bulletin, which is full of learned topics about Arabia, is available to members worldwide.


Bradt’s 5th guide to Oman 2022 has completely rewritten regional chapters and maps. These cover Oman from the tip of Musandam’s peninsula, through to the hotels near the border with Yemen. Available from June 2022 at most online book stores incl Bradt and Amazon. (my earlier 4th Edition of the guide is still available at Bradt and Amazon)

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman