Bait Al Luban Restaurant Muttrah

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Opposite the Fish Souq (still under renovation) in Mutrah is a restored old house. On the upper floor is the Bait Al Luban Restaurant (Bait Al Luban is Arabic for Frankincense House ).

Luban Restaurant Room
Bait Al Luban Restaurant Room

Its decor is re-imagined traditional Omani and sets the atmosphere nicely. The restaurant has only just opened in Mutrah so diners were outnumbered by staff, however rather than lounging around the staff were attentive and helpful.

Luban Mains
Luban Mains

The Seafood Soup was a winner, with whole prawns being a star of a wonderfully aromatic dish. We had different mains, Chicken Salad and a variation on Chicken Kiev. Though tasty the Chicken part of the Kiev was slightly stringy, leaning towards a fresh Broiler rather than frozen Chicken. Pudding was Ice Cream and Lukaimat (Gulab). Apparently the chef used to work at the Hyatt so it seems they have a good team.

The meal was fine made better by nice staff and surroundings, but let down a bit by an unexpectedly high charge.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman

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  1. Is it the same as Kurkum? Pricewise? looks lovely inside though, I will have to check it out. I haven’t visited this end of MUTRAH since I lived there back when we just started blogging lol.

    1. No – its not the same as Kurkim – its right on the other end of the Corniche near the Fish Market. It was a nice experience – a bit higher price than expected – the balcony will be great when the new Fish Market is finished

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