Mukalla Yemen

is hit by Cyclone Chapala

In 2006 I had a memorable trip to Yemen, travelling independently through the desert and into the Hadramaout. Spectacular towns and scenery with polite people made the journey full of interest.

Mukalla Yemen
Mukalla Yemen

Finally I arrived in Mukalla which, like Muttrah, is a whitewashed Arabian Sea port overlooked by a crescent of forbidding mountains. Cutting through Mukalla is its Khor seen here in the video by Haidar Sumeri and above in the photo (by me 🙂 .
Cyclone Chapala swept over Mukalla during the last 24hours emptying an ocean of water into the mountains.

With Saudi bombs raining down in the west and a Cyclone in the east, the poverty stricken population will have an increasing struggle over the next months.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman

2 thoughts on “Mukalla Yemen”

  1. Allah preserve the Yemeni people ameen, sustain them, ameen, and aid them, ameen.

    Of all the places I’ve always wanted to go in the world, Sanaa was the number one, and Aden 4rth… I remember when you first posted about your trip to Yemen and I was mashaallah so jealous. I wish now I had gone before… like Basra in Iraq before the war…

    1. The little part of the world you live in is number one for lots of people; feel content in your heart. Perhaps Socotra will have direct flights from a non-Yemeni airport.

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