MUSCAT AIRPORT new Terminal opens

Muscat Airport new Terminal opened for the first flights on

Muscat Airport new Terminal
Muscat International Airport

March 20th (page updated to show that the airport is now open)

This will be the only terminal for the airport and all passengers will arrive and depart from there; at least until the old terminal is developed. The airport’s capacity will rise from a claimed 12million at the existing terminal to 20million at the new one.

Oman Airport Logo
Oman Airport Logo

The transfer took place – Mid-Afternoon on March 20th –
with the last departure from the old terminal WY 153 14:45 Zurich
and the first flight departing from the new terminal WY 925 18:50 Salalah
and last arrival into the old terminal EK606 from Dubai at 13:45
first arrival to the new terminal WY462 arriving 17:30 from Najaf.
As always confirm flight details with your airline.

Road access to the terminal is greatly improved compared to the earlier routes. Exit 8 on the Muscat Expressway gives junction free access directly to car parking. From Sultan Qaboos Street near Al Athaiba access again is junction-free . At the junction east of Al Mouj on 18th November St access is thereafter junction-free. Look for the overhead signs – for the Terminal and Parking.

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The new terminal (accessed by an excellent road setup) will handle both departures and arrivals.

The departure road drop-off access is by a right junction at the upper level. There are barriers with tickets allowing 10 minutes to for cars to pick-up / drop-off passengers – charges apply after this and its best to literally pick-up / drop-off as traffic may block your exit causing a steep charge. Take care in this area as missing the route will mean having to circle outside the car park area and return. The car park with 8,000 places can be accessed from the arrival and departure route. Choose Long Term or Short Term parking (long stay left – short stay right).


Alternatively, use Mwasalat bus services between Ruwi and the airport.

At departures (the upper entrance) there are  3 entrances – and providing various levels of convenience of access for passengers to the ticket counters.

  • Entrance A/ First and Business Class for all flights.
  • Entrance B/ For Economy Class Oman Air flights
  • Entrance C/ Economy Class for all other flights
Muscat Airport new Terminal
Muscat International Airport

After security check at Muscat Airport new Terminal, there are separate counters with self-service check-in near the other counters.

  • Oman Air’s First and Business Class will use counters A1-12.
  • Other airlines First and Business Class will use counters B1-12.
  • Oman Air Economy C1-12 & D1-12 (24 counters) and
  • Other airlines E1-12 .

All First and Business class can use a separate security route after passport control.

Muscat Airport new Terminal FlyDubai
Muscat International Airport FlyDubai

One area to be very aware of when arriving at Muscat Airport new Terminal is that announcements have been made regarding a 3 hour check in period (no indication if this includes OnLine Check-Ins). Also that audio announcements will be minimal – and flight information screens will have to be used (Arabic and English).

There are 35 gates with 19 having Air-Bridges and 16 using a bus, which may add some time to board a plane.

Visa Entry & Exit stamps UAE & Oman
Visa Entry & Exit stamps UAE & Oman

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The arrival road access is at the ground level, with car parking provided as above.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman