Nizwa Fort in Oman new Entry Charges

Nizwa Fort is now under private management by Omran the Oman Government’s master developer of major tourism, heritage and urban developments and Bawader International.

From December 1st entry charges to Nizwa Fort have been increased from Rial Omani 0.500 (half rial) to Rial Omani 5.000 (five rials)

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6 thoughts on “Nizwa Fort in Oman new Entry Charges”

  1. And my husband always asks me to be mute when doing anything Omani traditional… That way they tell and show us more… But there is one poor woman in Safa house who was told I actually was a mute who heard me talking and she thought it was a miracle, that I was healed… And said she prayed for me to get my voice back… And now I don’t go there because I feel so guilty. I don’t want to tell her I am just cheap lol.

  2. By the way I was reading up on the history of the Persians in Salut because of your post, and I am so impressed. The Azd (omanis) defeated the Persians in Salut led by Malik bin Fahm even though the Persians had heavy calvary (and elephants). So now I keep thinking of Malik as the Omani Robin Hood, since he didn’t use a lance like most… And was an archer.

    1. Yes – Salut is not only interesting physically with perhaps Oman’s oldest Falaj – but also with all the legends associated makes it seem something key in the history of the country (even before the Arabs)

  3. They were doing that before Omran though… I’d pay 36 rial if they did guided battle reenactments:).

  4. Ha if I pretend to be mute I can get away with 2 rials still. Hope they do something to improve with the extra…

    1. You could get your children to buy the ticket…
      The fort seems to be providing traditional tableaus for visitors – hopefully, 7 days a week during hours of opening.
      After the extra charge – a ‘standard’ ‘foreign’ family 2 adult + 2 children will pay US$36 – so I guess there will be a drop off in visitors – that the management hope will be offset by the increase in charges.

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