Oman and Yemen

close neighbours

The Saudi lead attacks on Yemen seem to have become more aggressive and widespread following the death of 50 Bahraini and UAE troops who are engaged in military action in Marib Yemen.  Inexplicably the damage includes the home of Oman’s Ambassador to Yemen.

Shibam Yemen
Shibam Yemen

Oman, which is not involved the attacks lead by the other five members of the GCC,  has lodged a complaint to Saudi Arabia, who denies that they targeted the home.

Oman however continues to use its influence with forces in Yemen who have released six prisoners (including two Saudis, a Briton and three Americans), now on their way to Oman.

The Economist rightly says that ”It is unclear how much support Iran has given to the Houthis, which is one of the main justifications for the coalition’s action.” However it is increasingly clear the involvement of the GCC lead forces in the country is escalating.

From the invasion of Yemen by the Roman general Aelius Gallus 2,000 years ago which ended in disaster, through the Turks, Nasser’s Egypt and more recently Britain; Yemen has proved impossible to completely subjugate. Will the young very inexperienced young Sheikhs and Princes who are driving the GCC force forward be any more successful? The coming winter will doubtless lead to more ground action from both factions, possibly way beyond Yemen.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman