Oman Environment Society Talk

Dr Rory Wilson gave a very good talk to the Environment Society of Oman

The Environment Society of Oman was given a very good talk by Dr Rory Wilson about animal tracking.

Dr Rory Wilson's Tracking Device
Dr Rory Wilson’s Tracking Device

With the support of the ‘Rolex Awards for Enterprise’ he has developed a device to track the movement of animals. Rory calls the results a ‘daily diary because, by extrapolating the information which includes 3-dimensional movement sensors and time a scientist can surmise the events of a selected animal’s day – its daily diary. 

Dr Rory Wilson
Dr Rory Wilson

Why was he in Oman? Last January in Oman he did a small test on an individual Arabian Leopard . It is hoped that, by using this tracking device on Leopard in the wild, more information about the Leopard in Oman will be obtained and – its future made more secure using extensive information rather than limited information and speculation. I wrote about the Arabian Leopard for ‘Oman Today’


Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman