Oman Escapades!

Today I had a surprise email – Barbara Studebaker Bailey, has included her tour of Oman with us as a chapter of her book Escapades! which you can order here.How time flys! In 2002 a small group, which included Barbara, traveled almost the entire length of Oman with me.

Barbara Studebaker Bailey book Escapades!
Barbara Studebaker Bailey

It was a memorable trip, not only for the places we visited but also for the enjoyable company. I learnt about Marine molluscs from an expert and bird watching from Will Weber (the owner of the USA company which booked the trip) and so much more – we camped along the coast, including at what is now the middle of Ad Duqm Port, encountered Oman’s quicksand ‘Sabka’ and enjoyed the stars .
The trip was written about by Will (the owner of the US travel operator, Journeys International,  through whom the guests booked) and now its nice to have another version of the same journey to jog the memory a bit.

Author: Tony Walsh

Tony Walsh - author and tour leader through Arabia