Oman Tour for Christmas

This Oman Tour for Christmas by British travel company ‘The Traveller’ may turn out to be the last guided tour of Oman I organise under their name. The Traveller was purchased by Steppes Travel, and though I will have Christmas groups under Steppes own name – The Traveller has been a real treat to organise tours for.

Dolphin Watching Muscat Oman Tour for Christmas
Dolphin Watching Muscat

Taking to an almost mirror-like Sea of Oman, our group on a week’s holiday in Oman sped away from Muscat’s mountains into the land of the Dolphin.

Palace Muscat
Palace Muscat

To the accompaniment of oooh’s and aaaah’s we had a nice encounter with a Dolphin Pod which included several mothers and young. Not quite as exciting, but far easier to photograph, we walked around ‘Old Muscat’ with of course an obligatory stop at the Sultan’s Palace.

Traveller Christmas Dinner Oman Tour for Christmas
Traveller Christmas Dinner

Later we had a nice private dinner to enjoy Christmas evening under the spreading leaves of a date tree in the garden.

Our destination on Boxing Day was eastern Oman where we passed through Tiwi and enjoyed its tranquil scenery and some Birdwatching before

Is there a Bird
Is there a Bird

arriving for lunch at Sur overlooking the lagoon.

Lunch next to Sur Lagoon Oman Tour for Christmas
Lunch next to Sur Lagoon

overnighting to watch Green Turtles.

As always after watching Turtles we took a late start especially during an Oman tour for Christmas, passing a mobile trailer of Bee Hives,

Mobile transport for Bee Hives
Mobile transport for Bee Hives

before arriving at Wadi Bani Khalid where we had lunch overlooking the water pools.

Lunch in an Omani Wadi
Lunch in an Omani Wadi

and then travelled to our desert night in very traditional Goat Hair tents, nice and warm against the cool desert air.

Our desert Camp Traditional Goat Hair Tent and Modern Flush Toilet
Our desert Camp Traditional Goat Hair Tent
and Modern Flush Toilet

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman – edition 4