Oman Guide Book for Bradt rewrite!

Warm sunny days and a hot keyboard! My Oman Guide Book for Bradt rewrite is very intense; it’s not the information so much as writing it in a way that is unambiguous.

Rewrite of the Bradt Guide to Oman
Bradt Guide to Oman under Edit

One of the things Ive had to do is use Microsoft’s Word ‘review’ button. Press the tab at the top of the document’s menu, and it records all changes to the text and allows comments. This means that the editor for this Oman Travel Guide can either put in a change for me to say ‘yes or no’ to (spelling or word order etc) or say that a section needs a rewrite. Phew! Its amazing that something that seems clear to me actually can be as opaque as Oman’s halwa 🙂 to a reader! my Editors need the patience of Job.

Author: Tony Walsh

Tony Walsh - author and tour leader through Arabia