Oman Saudi Road near opening

possibly as early as October

Up until now there has been no direct road linkage between Oman and Saudi Arabia, despite the border between the two countries being some 700 kilometers long. This is all about to change with the finish of the Saudi section of the road link about 70 kilometers south-east of the international border intersection between Oman, Saudi & the UAE.

Rub Al Khali
Rub Al Khali / Empty Quarter

The Oman section runs from the town of Ibri to the border, through relatively flat, open plain. However the Saudi section goes through the broadest section of Sand Dunes in the Rub Al Khali towards the Shaybah Oilfield, and from there onwards. It promises to be a spectacular drive in Saudi of almost 600kilometers.

The earliest ‘official’ opening is said to be in October 2015 & the new border will enable a drive from Riyadh and beyond into Oman without the need to pass through the UAE. While its a beautiful route, doubtless the main beneficiary will be those travelling from Oman on the Haj & Umrah. Trade and tourists from Saudi will have a breeze getting into Oman spearheaded by Al Marai of Saudi which has a remarkable distribution system in Oman for is varied products, including dairy.

Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman – edition 4

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