Oman to Everest

by Khalid al Siyabi

Khalid al Siyabi gave an enthralling talk about his ascent from Oman to Everest for the Historical Association of Oman today.

Khalid al Siyabi
Khalid al Siyabi from Oman to Everest

No matter how many people do it, each person who achieves such a feat is a remarkable person. Khalid spoke about the group he ascended with, almost 20 in total plus that key ingredient, Sherpas who enabled the journey. His journey took over 2 months, with most of it spent ascending slowly to get used to the height. Khalid made clear through his candid answers to questions that – not only is some physical fitness needed but mental courage and focus to deal with a vast range of life experiences packed into 60 days climbing.

Khalid al Siyabi on Top of Everest
Khalid al Siyabi on Top of Everest

These include facing one’s own death almost hourly and perhaps, I feel more mind wrenching, watching others die and leaving them. There is such a thin margin to survival that the additional effort needed to assist others might mean your own death as well as theirs.
And as a sad update – its been announced that Khalid Al Siyabi has died at the end of April 2019.


Author: Tony Walsh

Book author including the current Bradt guide to Oman

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  1. Anyone who can successfully climb Mt Everest and talk about deserves the honour and platform! That is a remarkable achievement!

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